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Alevtana Galakhova

Velvet Christmas balls Velvet Christmas balls
Brand: Alevtana Galakhova Model: 00009
Velvet New Year's balls are magnificent decorations that add coziness and elegance to the festive atmosphere. They are small balls made of soft and delicate velvet, which gives them a pleasant tactile experience. These balls are usually used to decorate the Christmas tree, home interior or other fes..
$ 1,000.00
Velvet Christmas balls with bow
Brand: Alevtana Galakhova Model: 00021
Velvet New Year's balls with a bow – Holiday magic in every ballThe magic of the New Year begins with the details, and our velvet New Year's balls with bow are designed to make your holiday truly magical. These balls are the perfect addition to your Christmas tree and interior, adding a unique charm..
$ 100.00
Winter Tower toy
Brand: Alevtana Galakhova Model: 00030
Winter holiday with the Winter Tower toyWinter is a magical time of year, when children and adults expect miracles and gifts under the festive tree. And to create an unforgettable atmosphere of joy and magic, we present you the “Winter Tower” toy.This unique toy will add indescribable charm to your ..
$ 100.00
Christmas tree toy Nutcracker
Brand: Alevtana Galakhova Model: 00001
Christmas tree toy "Nutcracker" – Magic and Fairy Tale for Your Christmas TreeThe Nutcracker Christmas tree toy is an ideal choice for those who want to give their Christmas tree a special magic and unique charm. This beautiful Christmas tree ornament is crafted with love for detail and will become ..
$ 300.00
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